Community School Treasurer Services

Letting you focus on what you treasure most.

Whalen & Company, CPAs’ expert team provides treasurer services that allow community schools to focus on your most important assets: your students.

Our School Treasurers, licensed in the state of Ohio, allow your school to stretch resources further, by providing all the necessary services at fraction of the cost of an in-house treasurer.  With Whalen & Company, your school can comply with state regulations without blowing your budget.

Whalen & Company’s assurance team partners with your school to seamlessly integrate with your team, and quickly identify opportunities for improvement in operations and management.

Treasurer Services for Community Schools in Ohio Include:

  • Financial statement preparation
  • Attendance at board meetings and other occasions that require School Treasurer participation
  • Purchasing coordination and bill pay
  • Payroll coordination
  • Bank account reconciliation
  • Grant reporting
  • Budget preparation assistance
  • Forecasting assistance
  • Audit preparation and coordination
  • 990 preparation and filing

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