FAR Overhead Audits

Helping your firm go FAR.

Whalen & Company, CPAs understands the unique demands of Federal Acquisition Regulation Part 31 (FAR) audits for architectural and engineering firms. We have the necessary experience to provide your business with a thorough analysis of your indirect costs rates, and a trustworthy FAR overhead audit.

Benefits of a FAR Audit with Whalen & Company

  • Our experts work directly with state departments of transportation (DOTs) and undergo continuing education on FAR audit compliance
    • That means we know what DOTs look for when reviewing your audit, and we structure our audits to fit their needs
  • We provide architectural, engineering and construction firms with one audit to help you earn a cognizant letter establishing your firm’s overhead rate, preventing the need for audits for other state departments of transportation

To learn more about our FAR overhead audits, contact us today.