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About Laurie

Laurie Morgan There are three constants for any dental practice: Dirty Teeth, Collection Issues, and Debt. I know those rang true for me. Entering the world of dentistry after acquiring my M.S. in Pathology and my D.D.S. from The Ohio State University, I faced one glaring problem. My education equipped me with the knowledge to help patients achieve exceptional dental health but did not prepare me for the intricacies of running a business.

The challenges I faced every day owning a dental practice sparked an idea‚ĶI couldn’t be the only struggling dental grad, right?!? To this end, I set out to discover for myself, “how can you best prepare new dentists to enter their career successfully?” Which lead me to create the externship Practical Private Practice for General Practice Residents at OSU. In the practicum, residents could train in private practice’s clinical aspects and business demands. I discovered a passion for helping people learn what it takes to optimize their practice and properly run their business. I completed an M.Ed at Wright State University in Instructional Design to equip myself to practice my passion for designing and implementing quality learning. Through my experiences, I have developed skills in practice monitoring, staff training, and business improvement. My mission is to equip practices with the tools and guidance they need to hit the ground running and build equity instead of just treading water.

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