Firm History

Client-focused, then and now.


Whalen & Company Founders: Elmer and Gerry Whalen

Elmer and Gerry Whalen launched this firm in 1945 from their kitchen table in Springfield, Ohio. Elmer had worked as an accountant for a large manufacturing company and began helping smaller businesses on the side. As Elmer’s client base grew, he was able to start his own accounting firm. And here we are today – 72 years later!

Whalen & Company is now home to more than 36 staff members, including 20 CPAs.  We have clients throughout Central Ohio and across the world, ranging from individuals to multi-million dollar businesses.

Our firm has come a long way in 72 years, but we have not strayed far from the Whalen family’s kitchen table.  Elmer and Gerry Whalen’s founding principles remain strong today: we put people first, we personalize our services to meet our clients’ needs and we value integrity above all else.

Whalen & Company Founding Facts:

  • When the firm was established by Elmer and Gerry Whalen in 1945:
    • The President was Harry S. Truman
    • World War II was coming to an end
    • A gallon of gasoline cost approximately $0.21
    • Perry Como’s “Till the End of Time” topped the music charts
    • IRS Form 1040 had 4 pages of instructions (today the form has 104 pages!)
    • The top federal income tax rate was 94% (today it is 39.6%)

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