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4 ways to prepare for next year’s audit
Every fall, CPAs are busy preparing for audit season, which generally runs from January to April each year. This includes
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A winning combination: QuickBooks + your marketing platform
QuickBooks® is a popular business accounting software program. There are also a number of marketing platforms that businesses can use
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FASB approves updated rules for disclosing income taxes
On August 30, 2023, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) unanimously voted to finalize its proposed improvements to the disclosure
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FASB finalizes new crypto standard in record time
On September 6, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) unanimously voted to finalize new accounting rules on cryptocurrency assets —
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The Wealth Gap and How CEPAs Can Help You Close It
Business owners have about 80% of their net worth locked up in the business; therefore, only 20% is liquid (Snider,
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How to Recognize and Avoid IRS Scams
The IRS is a major target for scammers, who use a variety of methods to trick taxpayers into giving up
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Unlocking the Power of Effective Receivables Management: 10 Insights for Financial Success
Managing accounts receivable (AR) is a fundamental aspect of financial health for any business. A robust AR system ensures steady
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Unlocking Business Attractiveness: A Buyer's Perspective
Every business owner hopes to harvest the wealth locked up in the business. Unfortunately, most owners over-value their businesses. This
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Why Exit Planning is Essential for Business Success
Exit planning, although often only associated with the end of a career, is actually both a starting and end point.
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Navigating the Future: 5 Essential De-Risking Strategies for Businesses
The business landscape constantly evolves, and businesses must be prepared for anything. That's why it's essential to have a strong
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Does your business work on projects that take longer than a year to complete? Recognizing revenue from long-term projects usually
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Plan now for year-end gifts with the gift tax annual exclusion
Now that Labor Day has passed, the holidays are just around the corner. Many people may want to make gifts
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